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Thomas Hansen Dozentenprofil

Originally born in Denmark, Tom Hansen migrated to Australia at the age of 2. After finishing high school, he decided to study psychology but soon found anthropology to be more his cup of tea. Looking for another challenge, Tom returned to do his Masters in applied anthropology majoring in Aboriginal land titles and modern tattoos culture. At the end of 2014, he moved to Bonn and has been working as a business English teacher ever since.

Kurse des Kursleitenden

Was? Wann?
English for the Job B1 Mo., 19.02.2018
Conversation for Every Day B1/B2 Mi., 21.02.2018
Conversation for Every Day B1 Do., 22.02.2018
Englisch für den Beruf A2 Mo., 05.03.2018
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