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C2 Proficiency - Exam


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Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019 07:30–14:00 Uhr

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Plätze min. 4 / max. 12 noch genügend Plätze frei
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VHS, Mülheimer Platz 1, Raum 3.50
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If you are planning to take a Cambridge Exam in June, be sure to read up on how to prepare for it early in the semester.
You are not required to take a preparation course before taking a Cambridge examination, but we recommend that you do. If you have any questions about the topic please contact Anne Baumeister(anne.baumeister@bonn.de, 0228 - 77 3577).

C2 Proficiency (formerly CPE) is made up of four papers:

- Reading and Use of English (1 hour 30 minutes): Shows you can deal confidently with different types of text, such as fiction and non-fiction books, journals, newspapers and manuals. (Thu 13 Jun)

- Writing (1 hour 30 minutes): Requires you to be able to write a variety of text types, such as essays, reports and reviews. (Thu 13 Jun)

- Listening (approximately 40 minutes): Requires you to be able to follow and understand a range of spoken materials, such as lectures, speeches and interviews. (Thu 13 Jun)

- Speaking (16 minutes per pair of candidates): Tests your ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations. You will take the Speaking test with one or two other candidates. (Fri 14 Jun)

For more information please go to  https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/proficiency/. Please contact Anne Baumeister (anne.baumeister@bonn.de) for the registration form.

Anmeldeformulare bei anne.baumeister@bonn.de, Anmeldeschluss: 15.03.19.

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