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Ayurveda Cooking - Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit


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Dienstag, 26. Mai 2020 18:00–21:00 Uhr

Kursnummer 7928
Leitung Masud Khan
Datum Dienstag, 26.05.2020 18:00–21:00 Uhr
Plätze min. 8 / max. 12 keine Plätze frei
Entgelt 25,40 EUR 21,26 EUR (ermäßigt)

VHS, Mülheimer Platz 1, Raum 2.11 (Lehrküche)
Mülheimer Platz 1
53111 Bonn
Raum 2.11

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All ancient traditions of the East emphasize the unity of Body, Mind and Spirit. Today, many of us know and practice Yoga and meditation because of their time-tested benefits. Along with Yoga and meditation, Ayurveda has recently been established with many practitioners. Ayurveda originates from the Indian subcontinent and roughly translated means "life knowledge". It includes a many facetted therapeutic and medical system. In Ayurveda, among other things, correct nutrition is seen as essential to health and longevity and to achieving the correct balance in the body and between the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda identifies 3 elemental substances (doshas) that can predominate in the three body types. However, any individual’s type can be a subtle and complex mixture of these elements. In this class the instructor concentrates on the guiding principles of Ayurvedic cookery, and allows the flavours and aromas to entice all participants into further exploration. The cardinal rule is to eat fresh foods. All meals incorporate the 6 tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent (ginger/chilli, etc), bitter (leafy greens, turmeric, etc) and astringent (pomegranate, lentils, etc). We will prepare different vegetables and lentil-dishes, such as vegetable curry, zucchini with mung dal, tasty chickpeas with a combination of black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry powder, hing etc. We will also learn how to cook with "Ghee" (butter oil). We cook in the new teaching kitchen with modern induction hobs. Please pay the total costs for cooking ingredients of 12 EUR at the first lesson directly to your teacher. The course is suitable for anyone with a level A2/B1 in English.
Location plan:  https://www.vhs-bonn.de/page_/Serve/download/ID/585/f/lageplan-vhs-bonn-im-haus-der-bildung.pdf

Masud Khan Dozent

Masud Kahn ist spezialisiert auf die vielfältige, landesübliche Bengalische und Indische Küche.
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