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Conversation B2: Experiencing and Talking About Art - Onlinekurs im Sommer (2x wöchentlich)


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ab 09. August 2021 um 10:00 Uhr (6x)

Kursnummer 3284CON
Dozentin Jean Lennox
erster Termin Montag, 09.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
letzter Termin Donnerstag, 26.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
Montags und donnerstags, 09.08.-26.08.21, 10.00-11.30 Uhr, 6 Vormittage
Plätze min. 5 / max. 8 noch genügend Plätze frei
Entgelt 51,70 EUR 38,02 EUR (ermäßigt)


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Would you like to learn more about art and at the same time practise your English? Then this is the course for you. We’ll start off with an overview of all the vocabulary you need to describe a work of art and there will be a brief overview of the most important periods in art history. But theory will be kept to a minimum.

Instead, we’ll look closely at various artworks from the Renaissance to the present day, we’ll visit online exhibitions, for example at the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate, and we’ll discuss what we feel when we see certain artworks. At the end of this crash course, you’ll feel much more confident giving your opinion about an artwork.

Requirements: about Abitur exam level English or better.

*** The course is held via Zoom. You will receive the invitation link in your email before the course starts. ***

*** Before you register for the course, please take the placement test (via the link in the blue box) to help you find the class you’ll be happiest and most successful in. ***

Jean Lennox Dozentin

Jean Lennox stammt aus Manchester, UK. Nach dem Abitur kam sie für sechs Monate nach Deutschland und ist geblieben. Sie ist Lehrerin, Künstlerin und...


# Datum Uhrzeit
1. Mo., 09.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
2. Do., 12.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
3. Mo., 16.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
4. Do., 19.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
5. Mo., 23.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
6. Do., 26.08.2021 10:00–11:30 Uhr
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