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Achieving equity and climate justice The Green Climate Fund in Africa

Afrikanische Aspekte - Unsere langjährige Kooperationsreihe mit dem Deutsch-Afrikanischen Zentrum befasst sich in diesem Semester mit dem Thema Ungleichheit - Teilhabe - Gerechtigkeit in Afrika.

Ensuring equity and climate justice is a key challenge in fighting climate change through an African lens. While climate finance can effectively contribute to a low carbon and climate resilient development pathway, civil society from Africa faces significant challenges to engage in the design and implementation of projects and programmes funded by the entities entrusted under the Financial Mechanism of the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

It is the case with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) which supports mitigation and adaptation efforts of Least Developed Countries, Small Islands Developing States and African nations.

Jean Paul Brice Affana is a Policy Advisor at Germanwatch e. V., with a focus on Africa and the Global South. He will analyze key challenges which limit African civil societies’ engagement in the GCF processes, and explore ways to strengthen that engagement and make it effective towards equity and climate justice.

Jean Paul Brice Affana Dozent/in

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