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Martina Harms Dozentinnenprofil

After her studies and 15 years in different media, in 2003, Martina Harms decided to become a language teacher. As part of an international community, she lives bi-lingual (German/English). She has been working for different universities and companies and enjoys teaching evening- and summer-classes at the VHS. Apart from that, she loves bird-watching - especially seabirds - and volunteering on their breeding cliffs in different countries.

Kurse des Kursleitenden

Was? Wann?
Talkin' Grammar B1plus - Intensivkurs im Sommer Mo., 16.07.2018
Conversation for Every Day B1 Di., 27.02.2018
Improve Your Pronunciation B1/B2 - One-Day Workshop Fr., 09.03.2018
Talkin' Grammar B1 - Intensivkurs im Sommer Mo., 02.07.2018
English B2.3 Di., 27.02.2018
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