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Dr. Evanthia Petropoulou Dozentinnenprofil

Evanthia (Vanessa) Petropoulou has studied English Language and Literature out of sheer love for the English language and music. With an evident passion for grammar, she aquired a Master's Degree on Computational Linguistics and competed her studies with a PhD on English and Modern Greek comparative morphology. She has taught English in a wide range of contexts, like professional institutes, primary schools, the university and the VHS. She currently also teaches Business English in various companies and has also taught Modern Greek at the VHS in the past years.

Kurse des Kursleitenden

Was? Wann?
Conversation for Every Day B2 Mo., 19.02.2018
English B2.2 Mo., 19.02.2018
English B1plus Do., 22.02.2018
English B2.3 Do., 22.02.2018
English B2.1 Do., 22.02.2018
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